Make Pizza. Save dough.

Let the Picnic Pizza Station automate your pizza prep and help you save time, money, and labor. You’ll see increased efficiency, reduced food waste, and immediate return on your investment.

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Meet the hero of the makeline

You can make up to 130 oven-ready pizzas an hour with a single employee with the Picnic Pizza Station. Assemble your pizzas with precision and speed. The station delivers a consistent product every time, with less than 2% food waste.


The Works


The Essentials


The Basics

Available in three configurations:

The Works

Precise application of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and three additional diced toppings.

The Essentials

Delivery of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni only.

The Basics

Two base modules delivering sauce and cheese.

Customers and partners

From individual pizzerias to regional chains, universities, and global brands, our customers and partners represent kitchens of all sizes and capacities.

Monthly subscription. No upfront costs.

Free delivery, installation, and on-site maintenance checks.

System health is monitored for peace of mind.

Should there ever be an issue, the system is designed for simple on-site fixes.

See recent successes

Read case studies to see how the Picnic Pizza Station is helping kitchens around the country save time, money, and labor.

Texas A&M Dining

4,550 pizzas.
8 hours daily labor reallocated.

T-Mobile Park

One employee.
One station.
A whole stadium fed.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Flexible. Mobile.
A small footprint.
We delivered.
The award-winning Picnic Pizza Station has been recognized as an innovator in the world of food automation. We've been named a Kitchen Innovation Winner by the National Restaurant Association, Best in Show at CES, and listed in the FoodTech 500.