The Picnic Pizza Station. Make more pizza. Faster.

Automate your pizza assembly line to speed up production, increase consistency, and reduce waste–all within your current kitchen footprint.

Our customers

MOTO Pizza + Picnic Works

"...Tying in all this technology for your food is my mad dream...[with Picnic] we have been able to double our production without changing labor."

—Lee Kindell, Owner and Chef, MOTO Pizza

Grow with Picnic

Whatever the size of your kitchen, the Picnic Pizza Station can help you grow your business by increasing production with precision, delivering unparalleled consistency, and helping you save money.

Increase production

Meet customer demand by making up to 130 oven-ready pizzas per hour, without compromising on quality or consistency.

Optimize labor

Enable employees to focus on meaningful tasks, such as customer service, quality control, and menu development.

Increase efficiency

Reduce food waste, improve cook times, and lower food and operating costs while boosting employee morale and customer satisfaction.

The Picnic Pizza Station

Easy to learn and operate, with an efficient footprint and dishwasher-safe parts, the Picnic Pizza Station is available in either a two- or three-base configuration. No plumbing or buildout necessary–all you need is a 208v outlet and a passion for making pizzas at scale.

The Michelangelo™ ("Mikey")

  • Two bases
  • 57W x 56H x 40D
  • Delivery of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni

The Leonardo™ ("Leo")

  • Three bases
  • 85.5W x 56H x 40D
  • Delivery of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and additional toppings such as sausage, onions, or mushrooms

See how they stack up

130+ pizzas/hour, with 1 person*
Accomodates pizza sizes from 7” to 17-1/2”
Round, square, or rectangular crusts
Sauce and cheese
Additional toppings
*Based on 16” pizza. Throughput increases as pizza sizes reduce.
*Based on 16” pizza. Throughput increases as pizza sizes reduce.

Our partners

The award-winning Picnic Pizza Station has been recognized as an innovator in the world of food automation. We've been named a Kitchen Innovation Winner by the National Restaurant Association, Best in Show at CES, and listed in the FoodTech 500.